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Gum disease in Naples

When it comes to establishing and maintaining the health of your smile, your Naples dental office is here for you. Among the most harmful dental conditions your dentist can help prevent and treat is gum disease, a condition with several stages of severity. In its initial stage, gingivitis, gum disease can be completely reversed by practicing good oral hygiene and receiving periodic teeth cleanings from your dentist. In its later stage, periodontitis, gum disease can begin to cause the gums to recede, and loosen teeth. By the time the last stage of periodontal disease is given the chance to develop, significant amounts of gum and bone tissue can be lost, and worst of all, teeth. Your dentist would like you to avoid the challenges associated with gum disease by coming in for a periodontal evaluation and routine preventive care.

One of the difficulties with gum disease, is that it often progresses painlessly. By scheduling regular checkups at your Naples dental office, your dentist can closely monitor the health of your gums and make sure gum disease hasn’t begun to develop in your mouth. Oral hygiene plays a critical role in preventing and stopping the progression of gum disease, so your dentist will be sure to show you the best methods for keeping your teeth and gums clean and healthy. Patients with diabetes, or users of certain medications or tobacco products are at an increased risk for gum disease, and your dentist may recommend more frequent visits for preventive care. For patients with periodontitis, your dentist provides specialized therapy to remove harmful bacteria from beneath the gum line.

Always conscientious of your oral health and comfort, your Naples dental office offers gentle and precise care with the most conservative treatment methods. If it’s been a while since you last visited a dentist, seize the day and schedule a periodontal exam at the office of George Mantikas DMD! Your mouth would kiss you if it could!

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Welcome to George Mantikas, D.M.D!

Here at George Mantikas, D.M.D, our Naples dentist prides themselves in providing our patients with the highest quality dental care. We value our patients’ health as paramount. Our dental staff understands your concerns and anxieties, and enjoys educating our patients and keeping them informed and at ease about their treatments and procedures at all times. Our dental office uses state-of-the-art equipment and technology, and the strictest sterilization techniques.

We strive to make each dental appointment pleasant and stress-free; serving the Naples community to the best of our abilities is always our number one priority. Our Naples dentist offers comprehensive dental care to our patients ranging from general, preventive, restorative and cosmetic dentistry. From a thorough initial exam, to treating cavities and preventing them with fluoride and sealant treatments, to teeth whitening and dental crowns and implants, having a beautiful smile isn’t only about the aesthetics; maintaining dental health and hygiene is essential to one’s overall well-being.

Our doctors, George Mantikas, DMD and Angela V. Litvak, DMD are highly acclaimed in the healthcare world. 

Dr. George Mantikas graduated from St. Johns University in New York, where he earned a Bachelor of Science degree in biology with chemistry and business minors. He graduated with honors from Tufts University School of Dental Medicine in Boston, where he received his degree of Doctor of Medicine in Dentistry.

Dr. Mantikas carries on his pursuit of dental excellence by his involvement in continuing education courses and membership in the American Dental Association, The American Endodontic Society, The National Society of Dental Practitioners, Academy of General Dentists, Connecticut State Dental Association, International Congress of Oral Implantology, Florida Dental Association and the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry.

Dr. Angela Litvak received her Bachelor of Science degree in Biology from Saint Mary’s College, Notre Dame IN. Following her undergraduate career she was accepted at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio where she received her Doctor of Dental Medicine degree.

Dr. Litvak continued her training by participating in a general practice residency at the Wade Park VA Medical Center in Cleveland, Ohio. The GPR program lasted one year after which Dr. Litvak moved to Florida. Over the course of her practice, Dr. Litvak has had the opportunity to work in the private sector and serve her community by providing community based dentistry through the Florida Department of Health.

They have a wide range of knowledge and experience in the field of dental health, and we are excited for you to meet them. Make an appointment with our Naples dentist by calling, (239) 260-9409, today!


5100 Tamiami Trail North
Suite 202
Naples, FL 34103
(239) 260-9409